The Kalos Region

In the Kalos region, art, fashion, culture, history, and world-renowned landmarks are famous. The real-world country of France also has a lot in common with Kalos.




Kalos’ three first partner Pokémon include the Grass-type Chespin, with quills on its head that are strong enough to pierce rock; the Fire-type Fennekin, which uses its ears to vent hot hair that intimidates its foes; and the Water-type Froakie, which creates bubbles on its back and chest to help minimize its damage in battles.

Lumiose City

Kalos is home to Lumiose City, which happens to be the most populous city in the Pokémon world so far. Prism Tower and the Lumiose Museum are its most distinctive landmarks.
Lumiose City
Ridable Pokémon

Ridable Pokémon

There are five ridable Pokémon in Kalos: Gogoat in Lumiose City, Rhyhorn on Route 9, Lapras wherever there is water, Skiddo on Route 12, and Mamoswine on Route 17.

Fairy-type Pokémon

The Kalos region introduced the world to an entirely new Pokémon type: Fairy. Slurpuff and Sylveon were among the first Fairy-type Pokémon discovered in Kalos.

Mega Evolution

The Kalos region introduced the concept of Mega Evolution, which is a temporary Pokémon transformation. To achieve Mega Evolution, the Pokémon’s Trainer must be holding a Key Stone and the Pokémon must hold a Mega Stone.


Pokémon-Amie allows Trainers to bond with their Pokémon by petting, feeding, and playing with them. This feature made its debut alongside the Kalos region.

Très bien!

Très bien! In this region, the menus at cafés include chocolate chaud, limonade, and café au lait. Fashion boutiques and salons are also popular. Kalos feels similar to France, and if you look closely, they even share the same vague, star-like shape when viewed on a map.

Sky Battles

Flying high! The Kalos region introduced the world to Sky Battles, in which two Pokémon face off high in the air instead of on land. Because of this, only Flying-type Pokémon or Pokémon with the Levitate Ability are able to compete.

Pokémon the Series: XY

Ash, Pikachu, and their new friends Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena adventure across Kalos in Season 17 of Pokémon the Series. From Gym Battles to Team Rocket shenanigans, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Kalos!
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Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokémon, Trainers, locations, and items from the Kalos region were first depicted in the Pokémon TCG with the XY Series. Harness the power of Mega Evolution by strategically using Pokémon-EX to execute hard-hitting attacks.